Artist: Izabella Tschig
Age: 44
Location: Richmond

Description: This collage is about my love for Mother Earth and my vision of us living in harmony with her, worshipping her and all her living beings. It’s about women leading us, as we fully re-connect with what sustains all beings and the earth.

How we create peace: We let ourselves be led by what is good for the whole, by sharing our resources equally, living in a re-generative way and sharing our surplus. We live from our hearts and by doing so, we experience our interconnectedness, thus inviting deeper joy in sharing our resources with all.

Vision for a brighter future: People living with the earth, not off the earth. I see collaborative systems, where people are nourished body, mind and soul, through clean water, small scale food production, healing art-making :), protected eco-systems, time for being together. Technology exists to serve and support our re-generative healing of the planet, not to serve the old thinking.


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