Artist: Brittany Jarabek
Age: 37
Location: San Francisco

Description: Petals means creating with what you have. Within and around of each of us are the materials, tools, resources, energy etc to create art, to create peace and to create happiness. Looking in the moment, being in the moment, creating in the moment you can harness and explore that energy to create and exist in peace.

How we create peace: Honoring the energy and light within each of us and the light within all others. Coexisting on planet earth. Nurturing ourselves, our families, our loved ones, and all the citizens of the world. Caring. Holding on we get love, letting it move through us, in us and around us. Fully letting go when we give love so that it can move in, around, and through others.

Vision for a brighter future: Teaching the children of the world to care so much that they do not go do the footsteps and pathways that we are on track to follow if things do not change. Replacing military with education. Living sustainably. Being in the moment and caring fiercely about the planet and each other even if that is hard or scary.


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